Why Am I Depressed?

Depression is a common mental health disorder that everyone is suffering from nowadays, and it can affect anyone regardless of their age or background. There are many possible causes of Depression, and sometimes it can be hard to point out the exact cause of Depression, and it is difficult to answer Why Am I Depressed. You are suffering from it because of your different factors and habits. But no one knows the exact reason, so there is a collective list of reasons that cause Depression in you, which doctors usually tell you.

What Are The Reasons Behind Your Depression?

The following are some common reasons that contribute to your Depression:

Biochemical Causes of Depression

Depression may be happening to you because your brain chemistry is not good; it is working improperly in your brain chemistry, and your serotonin level is not up to the mark and as required to work. So this is a significant reason for your Depression

Low Amount Serotonin Causes Depression By Messing Up Brain Chemistry

Neurotransmitters like serotonin, Dopamine and norepinephrine are involved in your body’s mood, functioning, and regularity. These chemicals help you to motivate and create pleasure inside you; when they are out of balance, there are many symptoms. See, you can feel and experience symptoms of Depression, and those substances that affect you in chemistry are steroids and appetite control pills as well, which mess up your brain chemistry and cause Depression as a side effect.

Genetics May Cause Depression

Yes, your Depression can be genetic. Depression may run in families, and you may have those genes that inherit the Depression from ancestors or your family, which makes more chances of you to develop it. That does not mean that you are born to be depressed, but it may mean that there are higher risks of developing Depression if you have a genetic history than others. There is research done at Harvard Health Institute that tells us that Depression is a complex trade that involves many different genes with minor effects. So, yes, genetics may make you Depressed.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are the most common causes of Depression, and generally, your hormones trigger Depression inside you, such as during puberty and menopause. Some thyroid hormones imbalance your hormones as well and cause Depression inside you. Women typically suffer from Depression twice as much as men. It causes hormonal imbalance in them while they’re on the menstrual cycle.

Stressful Life Events

There are many life events that a person can face that make him depressed. Sometimes, life doesn’t remain the same, and sometimes, anxiety adds a lot of stress. Some traumas happen, and these traumatic events make the person’s brain depressed, and our brain will tune out of that system. 

Which Life Events Causes More Depression? 

Depression caused by this includes the loss of a loved one, divorce, abuse, and illness. These are the most common reasons and life events that generate Depression. These events can be generally distressing emotions that can reduce the coping skills and lead to depression. Research taken by the Harvard Health Institute shows that chronic stress on your brain lowers the size of the hippocampus and reduces the ability to process information, and it may cause memory loss.

Not Having a Proper Goal in Life

The significant cause of Depression is living a life without a purpose. When you live a life without purpose, without a proper definition of what you have to do, and you have to task to achieve it is impossible for you to work and causes Depression a lot because human is made to solve a problem based on a purpose and if you don’t have a task to do you spend all day sitting all day in one place, not have a proper task, not have a proper purpose for which you have to make your goals.

Without a Clear Goal, Serotonin Goes Down 

Your serotonin level will go down without a proper aim and goal, which is happiness in creating neurotransmitters only when you achieve something and don’t have a purpose. 

How Does Having A Sedentary Lifestyle Cause Depression In You?

There are many habits that nowadays people are taking on. The number one cause of Depression is nowadays people’s lifestyle. Sedentary and lazy lifestyles are very common causes of Depression because your body is not made for sitting all day in one place and doing your task and having dopaminergic activities at the same place by playing games or watching movies.

You Have To Work Hard To Get Out From Depression.

You have to work hard and relax, or Depression is the only way because when you do hard activities, the hormone levels that make you happy will boost, and this may prevent you from Depression. Still, when you are slower and inactive, your happiness hormone levels that make you happy will lower, and you feel depressed.

What Other Factors Are Making You Depressed?

Many Every single youngster nowadays ask usually why am I Depressed? and in conclusion answer involves the most common reasons for Depression. Depression can be a multi-function and multifactorial disorder that is influenced by different biological, psychological, social, economic, and environmental factors. Still, the above are the most common reasons for youngsters, and many patients have been diagnosed with this, so you have to take care of and cure these causes if you are feeling depressed.

What Is A Depressant?
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