Does Adderall Affect Fertility?

Adderall is a tablet that contains a blend of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which are both very potent and powerful substances that help patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This disease is most common nowadays and mostly happens with children under 12 years. Adderall helps those patients increase their focus and attention span, making their daily lives way better. Adderall stimulates the CNS, which helps the person increase the number of specific neurotransmitters, which helps them motivate and focus on tasks. Many people get their prescription and buy Adderall daily to meet their daily requirements of dosages. There are many side effects of Adderall in daily life. The major one is Adderall makes the person’s sex drive lower, and when your sex drive is lower, it is more likely you to have fertility issues, which can affect your whole life.

Does Adderall affect fertility?

Adderall is a tablet that contains substances that are stimulative and have severe effects on your brain. In both males and females, reproduction systems can be affected by Adderall badly because this tablet changes the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain, which leads to hormonal imbalance and causes fertility issues. When you take aspirin orally, it will get into your bloodstream and make your brain release dopamine and norepinephrine, which are both hormones that are involved in sexual activity. In Females, when they take Adderall, their menstrual cycles are affected. The amount of their prime sexual hormone, estrogen, is affected by Adderall, which leads to lower production of eggs in ovaries and may cause the production of polycystic ovaries in their ovaries, which leads to fertility issues and makes very difficult for women to get pregnant and on parallel same happens with men because Adderall has direct effects on sex drive in males and lowers your sex drive which leads to lower moods and lower performance in sexual activity which automatically leads to erectile dysfunction. It is very difficult for you to fertile your female partner because Adderall affects your sex organ, and you can’t have intercourse properly. Adderall also has direct effects on making sex organ arteries. It shrinks the arteries, which makes difficult the flow of blood from the penile region, and that is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction.

Adderall also affects the hormones in males, which lowers testosterone, and Adderall directly damages the DNA or sperm, which makes your sperm quality lower. Sometimes, the sperm count is way less, then it becomes difficult for you to impregnate your partner.

So it’s a big yes that Adderall affects fertility in both genders, male and female. There are many solutions for these drastic effects on fertility, so you don’t need to worry because today, medical science has a lot of tools and medicines which help you a lot to get rid of fertility issues due to Adderall.

Can we increase fertility by taking Adderall?

No, you can’t increase any fertility in both genders, male and female, because Adderall has many negative impacts on your health; as with fertility, it decreases the ability to be fertile in both genders. In women, it damages the quality of eggs and makes it difficult for women to conceive, and in men, Adderall damages the DNA of sperm, which makes men infertile to some extent. To think that Adderall can increase fertility in men and women is a waste of time, so stop paying attention to its positive side. Instead, take proper precautions and use Adderall according to your doctor’s prescription because many people are involved in Adderall addiction due to its stimulating properties, and that’s the case with a lot of side effects of Adderall, including fertility issues.

How do you cure fertility issues by taking Adderall?

Adderall can affect fertility in males and females to a very dangerous level, but there is no need to worry because, luckily, these side effects are reversible. You need to take a few steps to reverse fertile issues in males and females, and when you adopt the following steps, you will completely be able to get rid of these fertility issues due to taking Adderall:

If you are taking Adderall in more amounts, start taking Adderall in lower dosages than normal, which helps you to increase its major effects on your health immediately. It is very difficult to stop taking Adderall if you are taking this tablet for a long time, so lower your dosage day by day, and at last, you will be able to stop taking Adderall, and all the damage to your fertility will decrease.

Suppose you have a lot of fertility issues like PCOS in women and erectile dysfunction in men. In that case, these side effects make your mental condition worse, so You can take your sexual hormones synthetically, which temporarily increases your sex drive, testosterone for men and estrogen for women. These synthetic hormones would help you to regain your sex drive and solve your many fertility problems; along with taking this hormone, lower your dosages of Adderall, which permanently revert your fertility issues.

If you are taking Adderall daily, stop taking Adderall and avoid its addiction because its addiction causes many fertility issues. Please take your partner to rehabilitation centres to avoid addiction.


So, the simple thing we conclude from our above article is that Adderall can cause serious effects on your fertility, and to solve this issue. We only need to take the smaller steps to leave Adderall and find its replacement. This is the only solution to avoid fertility issues with Adderall because there is no other medicine or way to better your fertility issues by continuing to take Adderall, so you have to leave Adderall to protect yourself from fertility issues.

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