Anxiety At Night Symptoms And How We Can Treat These Symptoms?

Anxiety is the most common problem nowadays because of increasing pollution and all the stress in our society. There is a lot of pressure on our minds about work and different things, and it is difficult to tackle and work on these symptoms of anxiety, but managing anxiety is also required to tackle this situation. There are different types of symptoms of anxiety you can feel at night; some are very dangerous, and some are mild. Still, as you know, anxiety symptoms are terrible whenever this happens to you. It also affects your sleep and causes sleep disorders when you have anxiety at night because anxiety is very disruptive and has effects on your body and your central nervous system as well.

Common Anxiety At Night Symptoms

So there are the following common symptoms of anxiety at night:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Continuous negative thoughts
  • Sweating, shaking, and feeling cold.
  • Pain in the head and other body parts
  • Trembling, constant breathing, just being short of breath
  • Throat dryness
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Panic disorder
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Feels like depersonalization and De-realization
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Mood disorder and mood swings

Serious Symptoms Of Nigh Time Anxiety

These are all the most common symptoms of anxiety at night when you feel them and the most dangerous symptoms that you can feel, and definitely after feeling these following symptoms, you can surely contact your doctor immediately because anxiety symptoms may worsen and damage your body as well.

  • Heart pain
  • My chest tightness
  • A silver pain in the head
  • Patients feel like having a heart attack
  • Strokes

The above are those symptoms that can be very dangerous, affect you negatively, and even damage your body, so you can surely contact your doctor when you feel these symptoms at night, especially due to anxiety.

Can Anxiety Symptoms At Night Increase?

Anxiety symptoms are also increased during the day, but when you feel a lot of stress, and there are some negative events happening in your life, these symptoms may worsen at night, and anxiety attacks will happen. Normally, anxiety symptoms do not increase at night, but when you are stressed out throughout the day, they can definitely worsen at night as well. Some people with panic disorder and other anxiety disorders can claim that they feel a lot of anxiety at night, so that may be the reason.

How To Manage Symptoms Of Anxiety At Night?

There are different ways by which you can manage your anxiety at night symptoms alone with proper care and knowledge, so the following tips will help you a lot to manage your overall anxiety symptoms at night and also overcome these fears and other types of disorders.

Practice Mindfulness And Meditation Techniques.

There are different types of mindfulness techniques and meditative techniques that will help you a lot to get rid of this type of anxiety, and as you know, when you practice mindfulness meditation, when you feel anxiety symptoms, it will develop a habit and will relax you in just five to ten minutes.

Focus On Breathing

Just try to focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling, and just focus on things. Instead of this, you cannot and should not focus on anything, even though the thoughts and symptoms are continuous. The symptoms won’t make you sad because these are just symptoms, so you have to focus on your breathing thoughts, and this will calm you down in just 5 minutes.

Stop Using Electronic Devices And Blue Lights.

There are different types of rays and blue light emitted from your mobile phone screen and other electronic devices, so before sleeping over at night, you should stop taking this because it can affect your melatonin levels,

What Researches Tell?

According to the latest research, it is shown that when you use your phone or tab on any screen after 11 PM, it will activate a center of disappointment in your brain, so definitely your anxiety symptoms will be increased when you use blue light and phones after 11, so it is better to leave your phone and go to bed without any screen. This will help you a lot to get proper sleep and get away from your anxiety symptoms at night.

Practice Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you a lot to manage your behavior and also to manage your emotions attached to, like fear, with these symptoms of anxiety at night. When you practice this therapy, you can manage your thoughts and replace them with positive ones, which will help you develop positive feelings, so these negative feelings of anxiety will never last for a long time and will help you calm down even in anxiety symptoms at night.

Can Night time Sleep Be Affected Due To Anxiety Symptoms At Night?

Yes, your sleep can be affected at night by the symptoms of anxiety because, as you know, when you are frightened and, have a pumping heartbeat, and your throat is dry, how do you sleep well? So definitely, your sleep is going to be affected when you add anxiety at night, so pure melatonin levels will also be affected, so it is better to treat your anxiety symptoms at night. The above tips will help you to sleep better, and also, there is so much developing insomnia as well as anxiety at night symptoms.

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